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History of The Bumper Sticker

Some people plaster them across the entire rear of their car... Read More

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is a product mainly used for business signage, boat lettering and automotive. This was the case some years ago. Today, the scenario has changed. Vinyl lettering has recently appeared into time light for interior decorating. The credit goes to its’ versatility. The product provides several options for people who wants to come up with unique and personalized home décor options that are simple and affordable.

You can find Vinyl lettering in various forms. Here are some of the most famous categories of Vinyl lettering:

Vinyl wall lettering:

It is an amazing alternative to the painted stenciling that involves a good amount of messiness. You can easily obtain a professional stenciled look and then customize it according to your desires. You need to opt for the size, color and font of the vinyl lettering. Thereafter, you can get it custom made from a manufacturer online. The last step is to apply it to the wall. Here, you don’t require to get involved in a messy clean up or tiring moments in order to fix the wall or clean the carpet stained with paint. The best part is that vinyl wall lettering is completely removable. You can easily remove it without damaging your painted walls. Vinyl lettering is more affordable as compared to paint. Here you need to make a comparison with respect to your clean up tools, time and brushes.

Home décor signs:

You can apply Vinyl lettering to wooden boards in order to create beautiful and rustic signs. Usually the signboards features a family name that comes with a different color overlay in conjunction with the couple’s wedding date, birthdays, anniversaries etc. You can easily create a sign. All you require to do is to paint the board with a color you like. Thereafter, you can order the Vinyl lettering in a contrasting color that you like. As soon as the sign dries up, you can apply the vinyl lettering to obtain an eye-catching and absolutely professional look. The hand-painted look appears awesome. You also visit some online retailers in this regard and buys kits that contain wooden boards and lettering in a single package. The important fact to note is that you are absolutely in control of the end product as you are opting for the fonts, sizes and colors.

Decorative tiles:

One of the most beautiful items in Italian range is the Italian ceramic tile. This tile can look exceptionally beautiful if you add some vinyl lettering to it. You can take a twelve inches ceramic tile that’s available at any of the home improvement stores and add it to a decorative tile from the Vinyl lettering kit. As soon as you do this, you can get a beautiful personalized home décor piece to match your home décor scheme. All you require to do is to apply the Vinyl lettering to the tile and then apply a light clear coat in order to seal it. The end result is a great home décor accessory. 


Yard Signs, Corrugated Yard Signs

Yard signs are the great method of advertising. This method of advertising allows you to advertise your work via placing a log on any finished site or a place where work is in progress. Who knows, your prospective customer may cross your way anytime. Hence, you need to put a great drive up impact with the help of an attractive and colorful yard sign.

All you require to do is to put your name in front of all your prospective customers with attractive yard signs. These yard signs should be fully embellished with frames and stakes.

You can make use of small directional yard signs that easily point the way to new commercial and residential developments.

Most curbside yard signs help in promoting the attributes of properties given out for rent. These also allow you to ‘sign your name’ to a particular service that well done when you advertise your business.

You can easily promote your business on your job sites and put a great impact on your consumers with the help of colorful yard signs. If you are in to a contracting business you can think of using small signs in your customer yards when you work on their premises. Since, yard signs are attractive and colorful, these can be easily used for advertising sales, events, openings and much more. Yard signs are available in all shapes and sizes to fit in your specific requirements.

The yard sign panel is the same whether you want to use it for the Deluxe or standard home for the sale of real estate sign.

The yard sign panel is very strong four mil thick. It comes in about a format that’s eighteen inches in height and twenty four inches in width. It is made of Corex. Corex is a corrugated plastic that’s printed on both sides with the picture displayed below.

Usually, the yard signs are designed in a way to withstand sun and rain for more than a year. These panels used for real estate sign are made of supreme quality screen printing process. These will never peel or fake. Yard signs are strong but light in weight. These can easily slip into the upper panel of a frame.

You can also look forward to start a yard sign business of your own. It is lucrative and very easy to start. All you require to do is to have a vehicle to transport yard signs in.

You can easily buy a yard business starter kit with prefabricated yard signs in case, you don’t want to design one on your own. Thereafter you need to think of a name to call your yard sign business. Make sure that the business name and telephone number appears on yard signs so that prospective customers may contact you.

You should plan and advertise your business in the newspaper, on bill-boards, Craig list, fliers and in the yellow pages. You can also start up your own web page. People would be able look out for their specific needs on these web pages.


Auto Window Film Decals

When it comes to Auto window film decals, the most common choice of material is vinyl. However, the qualities and characteristics of the vinyl used in the project may vary widely depending on the way a project is designed or used. Currently, there are three major types of vinyl used by people for window graphics. These are as mentioned below:

Perforated vinyl

Solid vinyl banners

Solid vinyl displays

Solid vinyl displays decals

Adhesive vinyl decals

There are several uses of vinyl in Auto window film decals. These days, perforated vinyl is becoming popular when it comes to automotive window graphics. This is widely utilized with vehicle wraps in order to create a seamless image that covers the whole surface of a vehicle. Perforated vinyl is a type of vinyl mesh that works on the human eye in order to fill in the gaps from the outside. The eye actually fills in the gaps in order to come up with an image. However, from the inside, the eye creates a full representation of the outside.

Usually, solid vinyl banners or displays are hung in windows in order to endorse promotions of certain special events. One of the main advantages of vinyl banners is that they can be easily reused. These can even be printed in a cheap and quick manner. You can install these banners in a matter of few minutes and also remove it with the help of a professional.

The third and the major type of vinyl widely used in Auto window film decals is adhesive vinyl decals. In most cases, vinyl decals may even come in the form of text or simple graphics that can act as signage. Most people who want to install vinyl decals in the window will contact a professional installation expert. This ensures the even and accurate formatted installation of the graphics.

If you are looking for the best type of Auto window film decals, go for vinyl ones. These are durable and provide your automobile an enhanced look. Vinyl window graphics are the best choice to make an auto’s body work more attractive.

There are two types of vinyl graphics that you can use for your car. The first is the calendared vinyl. It provides a great sheen to the body of the car and works beautifully on the body of your vehicle. However, the major draw back is that it does not bind too well on the glass of the vehicle. The second type of vinyl is known as the perforated cast vinyl graphics. It is a great option to use on the windows of the car. Since it is perforated in nature, the insides of your car will not resemble an oven during hot weather. You may even be able to see through the graphics.

Most people go for vinyl graphics on their car because they provide an artistic touch.

The process of installing vinyl window graphics may seem to be really complicated but with the help of a professional the work will be easy.


Car Decals

Why in the world would you want to use a car decal? There are a number of reasons. First how many people on the road are driving the same car you are? I know that I find it very funny to pull into the parking lot of a grocery store and see three or four of the same cars parked next to each other. Using a car decal can help your car stand out to you. I know that I have made the mistake of trying to get into the wrong car, so I have put little car decals on the dashboard of my car.

Car decals are also used a lot by race car drivers. Watch any NASCAR race and all that you are inundated with is fast cars plastered with car decals. This brings up and interesting point about car decals that businesses should keep in mind. Car decals help to advertise your business. They give you mobile advertising. You are not reliant upon people that walk by your place of business and see a sign. Car decals put your company out there.

You have seen this idea used everyday and you probably don’t realize it. When you see a company car driving around town with the company logo or phone number or catchy phrase what you are looking at are car decals that are being used to advertise and promote a service or a company.

When you think about all the time you spend in your car driving around, stuck in traffic you are looking at prime advertising that is going unused. If your company does not have company cars or you do not want to put decals on your personal car, consider having smaller decals with just your logo and phone number made and handing them out. People love stickers for some reason, and if the decal is flashy or original and cool looking it is going to be picked up.

When you are looking at using car decals you need to know that there are basically two different types that can be used. One type of car decal simply clings to your car. If you use these types of decals to remove them you will need a heat gun. They other type of car decal sticks to the car with magnetic strips and they can go on and off the car whenever it is needed.

In most cases the cling type of car decal is placed on a window and the magnetic decals are placed on the body of the car. You get to decide which type of decal you want to use based on your needs. Oddly enough more businesses have noticed an increase in sales when they use the cling type of car decal. 


Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated plastic is a very cost effective and lightweight substrate that can be used for a multitude of indoor and outdoor uses. Most often this type of plastic is used to make menu boards, signs for special events, signs that are used for directional or informational purposes, industrial signs, indoor point of sale signs as well as trade shows just to name a few.

Corrugated plastic is also known as Coroplast, Correx, Corriflute and also Twinplast. When you are talking about this type of plastic you are referring to a plastic sheet with twin walls that is made of high impact polypropylene resin. Corrugate plastic is very similar to corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated plastic as you can tell is versatile as well as durable. There is an added benefit that this plastic can be cut to create signs that are also collapsible. The surface of this plastic is not effected by solutions such as oils, solvents and water and it is cleaned easily.

An ideal substance to use instead of poster board or card stock it works for interior applications. When the plastic is made it is aligned with flutes that would run horizontally across the width of a sign. When you look at the corrugated plastic you will see that you can subtle detect lines on the material.

Changing the style of the material is as simple as cutting through only the first corrugation will make it possible for A-frames signs to be created as well as tent table signs. This simple cut also makes it possible to fold the sign up so that it can be carried in a briefcase.

Corrugated plastics can also be cut into any size and thickness. To make your plastic sign more appealing you can easily have things such as your logo added to the sign. Striping, borders, graphic symbols and lettering can make your corrugated plastic sign very appealing to the eye and make it more valuable and effective for marketing purposes.

There are many ways that you can display you sign made form corrugate plastic as well. The signs made of corrugated plastic can be easily hung or set up with a simple cardboard easel. Other popular methods for displaying the sign includes suction cups, double sided tape, Velcro, frame it or stake it.

We know that a business will not get off the ground and become profitable if there isn’t any marketing done to promote its services and products. Your marketing should not break your budget, at the same time you need quality products to use for your marketing so that you are presenting a professional image to customers and business associates. Looking at all the corrugated plastic has to offer with its versatility and durability. 



The world of decals opens up endless possibilities for professional and personal use. Whether you are looking at decorating a plain room that you are not allowed to paint or don’t want to paint you can use decals. As a society we are almost obsessed with personalizing our things such as cars, cell phones, books, lockers at school and this can be done with decals. Your business can advertise with cool and original custom made decals with a catchy phrase and your phone number or perhaps just your company logo.

Decals offer versatility and flexibility for a fairly reasonable price. Take a look Fat Heads, which are incredibly large decals of your favorite sports people for you to place on your walls. The remove easily and do not damage the wall. Don’t think that a life size decal of Michael Jordan is all you have to choose from. Visit home improvement stores or sites to look at the collection they have to offer of room decals. You can find anything from flowers to insects to sea creatures to mystical creatures. Room decals can be removed with out damage when you are ready to move or are just tired of the décor.

Decals can also be used to personalize automobiles and other personal items. We have all seen decals at work on vehicles. There are really very few automobiles on the road that do not have at least one decal. The decorating doesn’t just apply on the outside; they can be used on the inside of the car as well. Walk through a middle or high while the lockers are open and you will see other ways decals are used to personalize individual space.

Business can also help increase their sales with the use of decals. Business decals can be used on company vehicles so that you have mobile advertising. Your company logo and a phone number on the side of your vehicle can help spread the word about your business and so can smaller decals that you hand out to people you meet. Business decals are almost as good as a business card and probably less likely to get thrown away or forgotten about.

Regardless of your need, decals can be the answer you are searching for. Versatile and affordable as well as flexible decals can help you with your home, your “stuff” and your business. Take a look at what decals can do for you. 


Magnetic Signs

People who run landscape a mortgage business should use magnetic vehicle signs. There are several reasons supporting this fact.

Here is a list of reasons on why you require to use magnetic signs for your business.

Price factor:

Using magnetic signs is a non reoccurring expense. All you require to do is to make a single one-time purchase payment and you would own the sign. You don’t require to make a payment, each time you want to advertise your products or services as required in classified ads or magazine ads. You don’t require making any monthly payment to generate business. You can either drive your vehicle or park in a good location and expect business. In short, it is a one shot expense.

Instant response:

With magnetic signs, you don’t require to wait for weeks or months together for response from your prospective customers. Now, no need to wait for publication or delivery dates as in other types of advertising. All you require to put forward is a good and effective message and you will get calls from your potential clients immediately. Most customers also call up to end their curiosity and have more information on the topic.

Removable signs:

Usually, most neighborhood associations restrict signage in the neighborhood. Now, with magnetic sign, you can solve the problem in minutes. All you require to do is to take your magnetic sign from your vehicle and the problem is solve on the spot. Most people have been suffering due to the restrictions posed by condo, townhouse and home owner associations. Magnetic signs are removable and this solves all your problems. It takes just a few seconds to remove advertising from your vehicle.


With magnetic signs, you can be sure of the fact that you sign are extremely attractive. The whole purpose of advertising is to attract potential customers. If you can make your message stand out from the rest, you have won half the battle.

Low maintenance and long-lasting:

You can follow the directions provided by your sign maker and be sure of the fact that you have installed it correctly. These signs are easy to maintain and last long. All you require to do is to wash these signs with a mild detergent and then air-dry it. These signs retain their original look for years together.

High quality:

Magnetic signs display high quality pictures and look extremely attractive. This makes potential consumers to reach out to you sooner than you had ever expected.

If you want to promote your business and don’t have the kind of budget that you need to put out an advertisement, magnetic signs are the best option for you.

You should think of a message you want to give out to your customers prior to going for a magnetic sign. This way, you will be able to attract prospective customers and promote your business.

Trust magnetic sign and you will be happy to have made the decision. 

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Political Signs

It is that time of year, the ads are all over the television, election time is fast approaching and the candidates are out in full force trying to gain our vote. Billboards, bumper sticks and other political signs are all around. Whether a person is running for a national or local office using political signs can help a candidate get the votes.

It is said that it takes people seven touches to feel as though they know another person. These seven touches help build rapport and comfort. These seven touches aren’t physical touches, it is more about the number of times a person sees or hears a name. It helps to build a connection between two people with out every really meeting.

Knowing this then should mean that careful planning goes into creating the perfect political sign for your campaign. A well done sign will help spread your word, get your name out there and make an impression. Do not waste campaign dollars on busy signs that are hard to read and difficult to remember. Simplicity, creativity and impressive are the keys to a well done political sign.

Seeing as that the main purpose of the sign is to get a candidates name out there, strategic placement of the name is important as is the repetition of the sign. Placing political signs in areas that have the most support for the candidate are wonderful but do not limit yourself to one specific area. Posting the signs in as many places as possible keeping in mind where you are placing them will also help get the candidates name out.

Other then a name, what else should go on a political sign? Do not make the mistake of trying to put to many things on the sign. The name of the person running and the office they are running for is perfect. If you would like to include short simple phrases that is acceptable too such as “Elect…” or “Re-Elect…”

The size of your political sign is also important. Using different sizes of signs is a practice that any successful campaign should follow. You do not want the sign to be so small they are hard to read and if you are looking at placing a political sign on a highway then the bigger the better. The average size political sign on a highway is 8’x8’.

Make sure that you take into consideration what your signs are made of. If your sign is going to be outside and posted there for awhile you will want to make sure that weather resistant materials are used. Material such as corrugated plastic is best. If corrugated plastic is too expensive for your campaign budget you may want to use poster board that has been weather coated. 


Trucking Decals

Truck decals are the powerful force on America’s highways. Usually graphics and colorful decals are the method truckers use to exhibit their personality on the road. These days, the actual technology behind the Trucking decals has changed completely. Today, it lets truckers to install their personal graphics and lettering in a jiffy with lesser amount of hassle. It also lets them change the graphics as often as possible.

In the past, trucks and trailers used to vouch for hand painted graphics. However, the major drawbacks of these paintings are that the installation time and cost is quite high. Also one cannot trust the durability factor of these graphics.

The best thing would be to go for vinyl trucking decals. These can be installed easily and work towards lasting for many years together. The durability actually depends on the climate in which the truck is operating. The most recent advances in vinyl technology lets truckers enjoy more freedom when it comes to producing graphics. Certain recent kinds of vinyl trucking decals are designed in a fashion to be installed on the trucks and resist certain common problems like air bubbles, wrinkles and creases. The all new installation took are available to help truckers install as well as protect their Trucking decals. These tools facilitate seamless installation of even large vinyl decals on the side of any truck.

There are several types of trucking decals available on the market these days. One of the most common and famous types are protective Trucking decals. These aid truckers in the installation of self adhesive vinyl decals on certain chrome or other fragile surfaces of the truck. Most protective vinyl Trucking decals minimize the risk of scratches and scrapes without leaving any traces of nasty resides once the removal process is over.

Other common form of trucking decals is picture decals. These are widely used for advertisements. Picture Trucking decals are eye-catching, impressively functional and come with memorable images that leave a lasting impression on the minds of pedestrians and commuters.

Vehicle wraps are also very common these days. The wraps work towards making excellent use of all the surface of your truck. The full color digital vehicle graphics will definitely turn your truck into a wonderful rolling billboard.

Another form of trucking decals is truck panel graphics. It is a kind of graphic that covers the entire side of your truck. This also works towards turning your truck into a moving billboard. The main objective here would be to promote your business actively.

You can also opt for vehicle lettering. This lets you jazz up your entire truck and makes it come out like a bright and colorful custom vehicle graphics.

The amazing technology of trucking decals lets you unleash your personality and promote your business in a great way. You can also use Trucking decals to jazz up your truck and make it shine in the crowd like a true star. 


Vinyl Decals

Looking for a way to personalize your automobile or simply make it stand out from all the other vehicles just like, but paying for a custom paint job blows the budget. Take a look at what vinyl decals have to offer. With the push towards individuality vinyl decals are gaining in popularity.

Vinyl decals offer versatility and flexibility, they can be applied today and removed tomorrow if need be without damaging the finish on a car. The purpose of the decal can simply be to show individual creativity or can be used as a form of advertisement for a small business or campaign.

Much like bumper stickers, only easier on the paint job on a car, a custom made vinyl decal can get your message out to the masses. Consider the fact that right now there are over 30 million cars on the road in the United States. At any given moment when you are on the road in your car you are surrounded by 40, 50, 60 maybe a hundred cars. The drivers and passengers in those cars are a captive audience for what you are advertising.

Using a personal car for business and adding a custom made vinyl decal helps increase your sales, while decreasing the cost of advertising. What makes the decal better then a sign, simple it is mobile. While a great custom made sign makes all the difference for a business, a sign is stationary. The decal is on a car, and it can be removed easily if you are on a personal trip and can be added easily when the car is being used for business.

Today all the latest technology has made using vinyl decals easier then say ten years ago. Before in order to have a vinyl decal on a car, a person would have to take the car to a professional installer and have the decal applied with the use of harsh chemicals and solvents. Now the adhesive that is placed on the decals makes them adhere to a surface with out chemicals and solvents.

The removal of decals also no longer requires the use extreme heat. This often led to damage of the paint job so that not only were you paying for the removal but you would also end up having to pay for a new paint job.

ow to help make it easier for the everyday person to personalize their vehicle with decals, many companies that specialize in the sale and manufacturing of vinyl decals also sell tools to help you with installation. Imagine going from the everyday Mustang to The Mustang with flames that roll up the sides. 


Window Decals

When it comes to wind graphics, there’s nothing that matches window decals. Vinyl window decals have always been a great source of advertising in windows. You must have seen many window advertisements in the old tintype photographs belonging to your ancestors saying “shave twenty five shillings”. Even today, you will find these ads on the windows of modern stores. However, with the passage of type, window graphics have attained attractive colors and modern technology graphics that are specifically targeted towards a particular age group or consumers.

Researches in this field show that an image can easily attract attention for a good span of two minutes and the visual memory of human being can retain it for a longer period of time. This is the reason that window decals are an optimum way to attract many customers at the same time. Most people usually arrive in just to remove their curiosity on something they saw in window decals.

Advertisers are utilizing the novel idea of putting colorful window decals on the windows of vehicle. You can find many types of perforated vinyl graphics that go well with auto glass and facilitates mobile advertising.

However, the basic problem with ad vinyl material is that it is not capable of withstanding sunlight and extreme heart. Under these conditions, the material starts peeling very soon. However, with the advent of the latest technology in the materials utilized has facilitated the use of latest vinyl graphics material. This material has a long life and can withstand, heat and sunlight. These also don’t leave ugly marks on your w